Does the purchase of a database include the Microsoft Access program?
No.  We do not sell the Microsoft Access program.
What version of Access should I use?  2007 or 2010?
Our databases are compatible with either Access 2007 or 2010.  They are not
compatible with earlier versions of Access.
Can I modify the database that I have purchased from Affordable
Database Solutions, so that I can customize it for my company?
Absolutely!  The benefit of MS Access is that it is easily programmable.  We
recommend though that you consult with a professional database programmer before
modifying any code, as this could result in loss of functionality.
I decided to modify my database, but I accidentally deleted something.  
Can you fix it?
Unfortunately, no.  We do not take responsibility if you decide to modify the
database, and as a result delete a portion of the functionality.  For this reason we
recommend that you hire or consult with a professional database programmer before
making any modifications to the database.
I purchased the database more than two days ago, but I have not
received the confirmation email.  What should I do?
Contact us immediately at  
I purchased the database, but most of the command buttons and other
code elements do not seem to work.  What do I do?
If you see a message behind the menu screen indicating that "Certain Content Within
This Database Has Been Disabled", then you have to modify your settings to enable
all macros and visual basic code.  After opening the database do the following steps:
1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Access Options.
2. Click Trust Center, and then click Trust Center Settings.
3. Go to Trusted Locations, and click Add Location
4. Browse for the security area that you want (i.e. the file location where the database is
saved).  Once selected click "Ok".
If I customize the database, can I re-sell it for my own profit?
No.  The design is the sole property of Affordable Database Solutions and may not
be duplicated or re-sold for profit.  
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal.
Why is your company called "Affordable" database solutions?
Purchasing a customized Access database with fully activated menus and automated
macros typically costs a minimum of about $2000, and can potentially cost as much
as $4000 or more.  More sophisticated software applications can easily cost in the
tens of thousands of dollars to design and implement.  Most of our pre-designed
databases cost less than $1000, which we consider more than a bargain.
Why does my company need a database?
Small companies and start-ups have something in common:  they have considerable
administrative needs, but often not the financial resources to afford a sophisticated
solution.  As a result, many small companies spend more time performing
administrative tasks, like manually processing timesheets, tax forms, and budget
reports, than they do on the actual purpose and overall objective of the
organization.  Databases can automate and streamline these processes and eliminate
the necessity of "guess-work" while providing clear, concise and accurate
information when you need it.
Suppose in a few years our company will be ready to upgrade to a more
sophisticated software package.  Should I still get a database from
Affordable Database Solutions?  Can it be easily upgraded?
Yes and yes!  The data that you store in the database you purchase from us can
easily be exported and transferred into a more sophisticated software package later
on.  It will also make the transition easier, as the data will be organized in such as
way as to make the upgrade a smooth one.
Can I access the database I purchased from you from the web?
No.  At the moment, MS Access does not support web page access.
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