Affordable Database Solutions is proud to offer free spreadsheet and MS Access database solutions. Browse our products further below. Click on any of the links to download the solution directly to your computer.

In addition to our free downloads we offer full-scale databases for business functions including donation tracking, budget versus expense, timesheets, and mailing list management. View our complete listing here.

We also offer consulting services including systems projects and in-house training. Please visit our consulting page for more details.


Sales Report (with Pivot Tables)

Budget vs. Expense (with Charts)

Depreciation Schedule (with Graphs)

Invoice Template


Timesheet Generator

Scheduling System


Monthly Loan Payment Generator

Quadratic Equation Graph Generator

Quadratic Equation Root Solver

Derivative Graph Generator

Statistical Analysis Summary

*You must have MS Access 2007 or higher to use the database solutions. You also must enable macros upon opening any of the spreadsheet or database solutions or else the macros and menus will not function properly.

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