What We Do:
We design pre-customized databases in Microsoft Access for
small companies and start-ups.  Our databases are compatible with
Access 2007 and 2010.
Who We Are:
Robert Hayden, Founder and CEO

Mr. Hayden possesses over 15 years of both public and private
industry experience, including financial institutions (Fleet, Bank of
America) and universities (Harvard, MIT, NYU).  He has also
received extensive training in database administration, development
and implementation, as well as data warehousing.  Additionally he
has worked with numerous small businesses and non-profit groups.
His expertise in database development began in 1995 when he
served as a consultant for the Worker's Compensation Bureau at
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  It was there that he built his
first Access database to track insurer compliance with
newly-instituted state regulations.  A few years later he built an
audit database with Fleet Bank, and additionally assisted in the
implementation of a tracking and trending system called
METRICS, which was also programmed in MS Access.

His expertise in both finance and technology attracted the attention
of one of the accounting offices at MIT, where he would eventually
build a full-scale multi-dimensional budgeting system.  He also
became certified in Oracle PL/SQL as well as earning certification
through the Data Warehousing Institute.  He would utilize this
expertise later at Harvard, where he would use RDBMS
technologies to analyze data and to resolve system errors.  He also
participated in the implementation of a new grants management

Mr. Hayden has full expertise in all aspects of data querying, data
modeling, and database management.  He is proficient in all
aspects of programming within MS Access and its programming
languages, including SQL and Visual Basic.  

Aside from his talents as a database programmer, Mr. Hayden is
also an accomplished musician, earning a B.A. in Violin
Performance from Boston University.  In his spare time he runs his
own private teaching program and serves as concertmaster for the
Greenwich Village Orchestra (
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